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In this new and crazy world we live in, it’s important to check in.

How are you doing? Are you happy? Or, are you feeling stressed, sad, angry, confused, frustrated?

These are all emotions that have come up for me as we get used to a new world. Some days, I go through the entire list! Confused because people just aren’t the same any more and sad for the same reason. Angry that this all went down and changed us as much as it did in such a short time. Stressed and frustrated as we figure it all out. Happy to be exploring new things, not out of necessity but out of opportunity.

You see, it’s our choice how we react to every situation. It’s our choice to remain sad or be happy. Change is tough, and we were all forced into it quickly. Adapting can sometimes be extremely difficult and we look for ways to cope. It’s important, as corny as it sounds, to remain happy.

Our words & thoughts chime through our body like the ripple effect of a single drop into still water.

May I encourage you to look on the bright side? May I encourage you to find your happy? Take this time and look after you, after your family and your well being.

A few things to try to find that word, happy

  • Start that workout routine you’ve been wanting to do for so long.
  • Pick up that paint brush and try something creative.
  • Read the book that’s been collecting dust on your shelf.
  • Make your first journal entry to get write down your thoughts.
  • Color your nails
  • Try new make up looks
  • Go through your closet and try on all the outfits (even the “special” ones).
  • Purge the clothing that no longer serves a purpose.
  • Meditate & reflect
  • Spend time in nature.

Do ALL the things you’ve wanted to do.

The time is now.

Be happy.

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