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The best way for some quick inspiration, especially for a newbie is through using yoga flash cards or yoga sequence cards! They are one of the tools in my home studio, it’s part of how I learnt and I still use them today! Yoga sequence cards, also known as Yoga Flash Cards or Yoga Asana Cards, are exactly what they sound like, they are flash cards for yoga.

Why Use Yoga Flash Cards?

Yoga flash cards are great in getting to learn some asanas and what to focus on in particular asanas. These cards are also great for mixing up your practice and creating inspiration. They are a beautiful tool in helping you explore your practice. Simply pick a few of the cards, line them up in any order you want and try the shapes (asanas).

yoga sequence flash cards

My yoga flash cards are (almost) 15 years old, see photo above, and these particular cards are no longer available. But, yoga sequence cards have gotten even better through the years and there are some great options out there! In no particular order, below are a few card options that might be just what you’re looking for.

My Top Picks for Yoga Flash Cards

1. merka Yoga Flashcards

yoga flash cards

A 50 card yoga deck for beginners to experienced yoga students. These cards have detailed drawings and asana alignment instructions. There are sequence suggestions and these cards also offer the Sanskrit names of the yoga poses as well.

2. Yoga Asana Cards

yoga asana cards

The illustrations on this deck are colorful and full of inspiration. 50 poses and 25 sequence cards complete this deck starting with simple poses that can be developed to more complex yoga poses. Perfect for the beginner student looking to advance.

3. Yoga Cards for Beginners

yoga flash cards for beginners

We all start somewhere, and really if you think about it, we are all also beginners. Whether we are beginning from scratch, beginning to deepen our practice or beginning to explore more complex poses. As students of yoga, we all begin somewhere. This deck is filled with 57 cards and step-by-step instructions. A perfect addition to your home yoga practice.

4. Yoga Cards by Asana Moon

yoga asana card deck

120 yoga poses and 12 sequences complete this colorful deck of yoga asana cards. These extra large cards are illustrated beautifully with easy to read instructions. The poses are written both in English and Sanskrit, these cards also have strength indicators as well as sill indicators to help you develop your home yoga practice.

5. Calm Club Yoga Cards

calm club yoga cards

These cards offer something a little different. The instructions in these cards help you discover the shapes (asana or yoga pose) and are illustrated in calm, neutral colors. These 52 beginner friendly cards have both the English and Sanskrit names of each yoga pose and give wonderful instructions on each pose.

Yoga Sequencing at Home

Your yoga practice really doesn’t have to be complicated, it just has to feel right to you. There is no right or wrong way to practice and we all practice a little differently. These cards are a great little tool to discover what you might not know or deepen what you do. As always a little gentle reminder as I pass on this little saying that I learnt along the way… It’s called yoga practice, not yoga perfect 😉

Thank you for reading. Leave a comment if you enjoyed this post and if you purchased and /or are using any of these cards.

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