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I had a dream last night sparking this post. A dream where I was sitting in front of my laptop (as I often do) and then BAM, out of nowhere a big shock ran through my system actually waking me up! This is the inspiration for writing a post about when to take a break from the screen.

I’m taking my dream last night as a sign that it’s time for a screen break. So today, after I post this, I am going to bake some cookies!

This post is of personal opinion, not facts. And this doesn’t mean I’m knocking screen time because I, like everyone else, love social media & my screen time! If fact, I am grateful for social media and the land of Google, it has allowed me to follow my dreams as a blogger and work from home. Not only that, it allows us to connect and stay connected with those we love!

Again, this is not a post knocking screen time, it’s just that sometimes, we need to step away or put the phone down & take a break from the screen.

So how do you know it’s time for a screen break?

This is my personal list of reasons to take a break from the screen.
Take a break from the screen

You are feeling down.

Social Media likes to make us think we are feeling great! Every like button hit on a post makes you feel good (endorphins). And when those likes become fewer and fewer your immediate reaction becomes, “People don’t like me anymore” or “they don’t think I’m interesting enough”, and those thoughts bring you down. Sound familiar? If so, take a break. People love you and you don’t need to prove it to yourself. They loved you before your life became public on social media, and they will continue to do so.

You’re agitated when screen time gets interrupted.

Sound the alarm!! If you get agitated when someone interrupts your screen time, you seriously need to step away from the screen and take a break! Honestly, life is more important than the screen, so whatever it is that’s bugging your screen time, pay attention to it. And if you’re using the screen time as an escape, then go hide in the bathroom or in a closet for a few minutes. That, OR this kind of escape means you REALLY need to put the screen away more (insert lol here) and get outside.

Your eyes go all fuzzy.

Two words… BLUE LIGHT. It’s terrible for your eyes! Go ahead, Google it. In fact, they have supplements out there to protect your eyes from screen time! We get blue light from everywhere, there’s no escape. Phones, TV’s Laptops, Computers, that blue light is all around us. So, if you need to use the screen for business (like I do) then consider taking a supplement to help protect your eyes and take more breaks especially if your eyes start to get fuzzy or sore.

Your thumbs and/or hands hurt.

That pain you feel through your thumb to your wrist, that’s from holding onto the phone!! Put it down, do some hand stretches. Move thumbs and your wrists in a circular motion clockwise then counterclockwise. Simple & effective!

Your body hurts.

That’s from sitting & looking down people. Think UP. Sit up, get up and look up! Poor posture and can lead to physical side effects like headaches, neck aches, backaches and more. Sitting crumples up your mid section not allowing the organs to stretch and move the way they have to not to mention your joints getting stiff form the lack of movement. Get up once in a while and stretch, go for a walk, do some squats or hit the mat.

You look at the clock and suddenly an hour has gone by!

Oh yes, you know what I’m talking about. I personally do this lots, especially on TikTok! OH and Instagram reels!! Those dog videos though, and those workout videos, impressive! All kidding aside, it’s super easy to get lost in the screen and poof, an hour or 2 goes by and you haven’t moved. I now limit my reels time to night time when we sit in front of the tube (my morning coffee gets accompanied by a book, not the screen). Watch the clock and remember to look up (insert winky face emoji here).

In Summary

Screen time should be fun, not addictive. So if you’re feeling like it’s running your life, please take a break. It’ll do you good both mentally and physically. And YES, this is hard. I recently did a 3 or 4 day stint without posting on Social Media, BUT I did scroll so it wasn’t a true break. THIS is how much we love our screens, even when we “take a break” the urge is there to check that little notification on the phone.

I’m not saying screen time is a bad thing, only is if it’s affecting your mental or physical well being. Become aware of how screen time might be affecting you. And, if your body is asking you to take a break, listen. This could mean a simple half day break, stretching that hand, or taking more mini breaks throughout the day if you use screens for work. I totally get it, screen time has become a part of us, just remember to look up once in a while and take life in.

The way I really take a break is in short stints. I go outside without my phone for a little while. Connect with nature, play with the pup and roam with the Alpacas. Although a phone is a sense of security, take it with you outside if you need to, just don’t check it.

And remember…


Just Breathe a Mindful Minute

Take a #MindfulMinute with me

Close your eyes, take a deep breath. Inhale, exhale. Return to normal breath. Inhale, exhale. Inhale all the good things, exhale what no longer serves you. Do this for a few cycles.

When you’re ready. Open your eyes and continue on with your day.

I am grateful

Thank you.

I am grateful to you. With hope you’ve enjoyed this post, please be sure to check my other posts as well. And remember to check out my PARTNERS SHOP as without them, this blog wouldn’t exist. Every time you support them through the links in this blog, you support me as well, for this I truly thank you. Lastly, be sure to sign up for my newsletter to get a weekly mantra and more!

Have a wonderful day!!

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