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Baukje’s Yoga Picks

Build your home studio or for equipment on the go… Get your yoga essentials (chosen by me) from these incredible brands on Amazon!

*I may receive a commission when you purchase, and for this I thank you!

manduka yoga mat
manduka yoga props

Yoga Mats

Yoga mats for at home or in the studio.

manduka yoga mat

Manduka Yoga Mat 4mm

The MANDUKA Ekolite 4mm Yoga mat is eco-friendly and biodegradable. This mat has a natural rubber grip will catch you if you start to slip.

mandula travel yoga mat

Manduka Travel Mat 1.5mm

The Manduka EKO Superlite 1.5mm Yoga Travel Mat is eco friendly. Made from natural tree rubber, it grips for traction, support & stability.

B Mat Natural Non Slip Cork 4mm

This B Mat has 100% cork top & 100% rubber bottom. The shock-absorbent rubber layer provides maximum support while cork absorbs moisture.

Yoga Accessories

Yoga accessories to help your explore your practice.

b mat yoga block

Cork Yoga Block

Assist and deepen your yoga practice with these cork yoga blocks. Awesome for support and/or to deepen the stretch in certain shapes.

mandula travel yoga mat

Manduka Cotton Blanket

The most versatile accessory for your yoga practice. Use it as a bolster, mediation pillow, padding or for warmth in savasana!

manduka yoga strap

Manduka Yoga Strap

Whether you’re a beginner or looking to deepen your yoga practice, a strap is a must have. It helps assist and helps align us in certain shapes.

Yoga In the Water

My top picks when taking your yoga practice in the water.

b mat yoga block


All the coverage and all the comfort perfect for an aqua yoga class.

mandula travel yoga mat

Rash Guard

Stay warm through your aqua yoga practice by wearing a rash guard.

manduka yoga strap

Water Shoes

Add a little extra grip to the pool floor during your aqua yoga class with a pair of water shoes.