Yoga with Baukje

Thank you for being here! Let’s explore yoga together. Please see below for in-person, online and private classes. At the very bottom of this page, you will also find New Client and Liability waiver forms.

Private 90 minute Classes

These classes are a workshop style class tailored to you.

Private Classes

Have you ever explored Yoga but might be a bit intimidated or want to go beyond the public class setting? Do you want to dive deeper or simply get started? Then a private class may be what you’re looking for.

Let’s book a private class for you. Delivered in a 90 minute workshop style class, this could be exactly what you need to get started in a home practice, learn and gets started or deepen your understanding of a yoga sequence, perhaps there’s a particular pose you’d like to explore (with limitations on my own knowledge of course).

First a bit of homework. A few questions need answering, and of course a liability waiver needs to be signed. Then, we start the session answering a few questions and then we dive in.

Whatever it might be that intrigues you about Yoga. This 90 minutes is yours. This is your time and your space.

Virtual 30 minute Classes

Offered through ZOOM, these virtual classes are short & sweet designed to add a little yoga into snippets of your time.

Virtual Classes

These classes are short & sweet. Offered through ZOOM, they are designed to fit into snippets of time in your busy schedule.

Stretch & Strengthen

Hatha Flow Yoga using gentle techniques & basic yoga poses

In Person Classes

Watch for new in-person classes coming soon! See out VIRTUAL or PRIVATE classes offered as well…


New Clients & Liability Waiver Forms


Not seeing what you’re after? Feel free to contact me, let’s chat!