Fitness Break; Moving through the work day

Bye bye excuses! These fitness break moves can be incorporated throughout your day-to-day activities in the home or office!

Every 30 mins, move. Take a fitness break, or as I like to call them, Fit Break! As I am writing this post, I literally just got back from a 28 min interval run.. my fit break! Moving every 30 minutes is a good idea, especially if you sit all day… BONUS; that old excuse of “I don’t have time to work out” will go away too!

Fit Break

Fit Break is a term I literally came up this morning… if it’s already a ‘thing’ let me know! I’m a big fan of fitness (yoga, walking, running, swimming) but my days too get full and sometimes, I cannot find the time to fit it all in! So, I came up with mini Fit Breaks to move throughout the day!

These mini sessions can be incorporated through the work day and even while we are doing simple day-to-day activities like brushing our teeth, or even while folding laundry!

Let’s take a look at what my mini Fit Breaks could look like.

Every 30 minutes get up & move. Whether it’s to get a drink of water, walk to the bathroom & back or stepping it up a notch with these moves;

High Knee Lift

OK, so not everyone wants to go for a run, why not do some high knee lifts? Try 3 sets of 10 each side alternating legs keeping the planted foot flat on the ground (for a tougher move, lift up your planted foot onto your toes).

Standing High Knee Lift

These are also great while hanging laundry… lift, hang, lift, hang, lift, hang, you get the idea! OR, do these while brushing your teeth!


Ah lunges, a golden oldie. Hello functional fitness. This is a power move though, your butt and thighs will thank you for doing these!


Only go as low as your knees will let you! You don’t have to be a master at these, it will come as you strengthen up from repetition of this move. Keeping form is the most important rule here, push your butt out & you should always be able to see your toes!


Same rule here, watch your form! Lunges can be done in a variety of ways. Stepping backward, stepping forward, lunge & walk, whatever your space allows or your preference.


Standing Leg Kickbacks

Ah, the perfect move while you’re doing the dishes OR standing at your office desk, whichever. I love this move!

Standing Leg Kickback

Walking & Stairs

Don’t like the above moves? No worries! Simply go for a walk or take the stairs!

You get a lunch break, or at least I hope you do, why not take it to go! Go for a walk around the block, or around the office.

Does your building have stairs? Why not use them to your benefit! NO need to run them, simply walk up a flight or 2 and then back down. Repeat if you’ve got the energy!

Thank you! I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, please check out my other posts as well! Leave a comment and, if you have ideas for future posts, I want to hear about it. Thank you as always for your continued support.

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