Keeping a Journal 101; topics and styles

Journaling. Have you ever though about starting a journal? Do you keep a journal?

Leave me some comments as to what you use a journal for! In the mean time, let’s go over a few styles of journals and what they might be used for. I’ll even share what I use and why I journal.

A journal or a notebook is a wonderful way to write down your thoughts and feelings surrounding particular events in your life. It also is a great source of inspiration as you write down your ideas!

Why I keep a journal

I don’t just keep ONE journal, I keep many. And the reason I keep many is I have different styles and uses for each one. However, there is a new style of journal that has me intrigued and can combine all types of journal styles in one. We will look at that one a bit later…

I keep all my journals for a number of reasons. But my biggest reason, to keep me sane!

Just 3 of my journals

Using my journals is the way I keep track of all my ideas. Having a creative brain is a wonderful thing, and not so great all at once. My brain is a constant flood gate of ideas and, if I don’t write them down, they either get lost or stay on my brain distracting me from the task at hand.

For example, all my blog post ideas end up on a continuous list in an entirely separate scribbler from my crafting ideas and from my graphic design & social media post ideas etc. (I think you get the picture here).

They types of journals I keep are;

  • A gratitude journal, this one is leather bound and is the fanciest of the bunch!
  • A scribbler (usually in a fun print) for my random day to day thoughts & ideas, I also call this scribbler my brain
  • Business scribblers, each business has its own
  • A day timer to keep me on track and let me know what day of the week I work on what business (yes, I have a few)
  • And then I have a fancy binder full of paper for my sketching and poetry

Notebook & Journal Styles

Head into a bookstore like Chapters/Indigo and you will be in a heaven of journal styles. Seriously, I could take one of each! There are a few different notebook and journal styles such as;

  • Bullet Journal
  • Scribblers or coil bound
  • Softcover
  • Hardcover
  • Leather Bound
  • Sketchbook

The Scribblers, Softcover, Hardcover and Leather Bounds are pretty self- explanatory. They all have lined or blank paper in them and carry out the same task while having a different feel on the exterior. Plus, the leather bound journals often have a nicer style of paper in them than the scribbler for example.

The sketchbook also is pretty self explanatory. Offering blank pages for all your doodles and artwork. And yes, sketching is a type of journal (in my opinion). You are expressing through drawing instead of with words.

Then there’s the new style, or at least, this style is new to me. The Bullet Journal. THIS one, this is my NEXT! It promises to combine ALL the different reasons to and styles of a journal in one.

Whether you want to sketch, keep a to-do list, write or bullet point your ideas, these journals provide all of that in one! Below are links to 2 completely different styles of Bullet Journals.

These look like just plain fun!

Journal With Purpose: Over 1000 Motifs, Alphabets And Icons To Personalize Your Bullet Or Dot Journal

My Little Bullet Book: Be Gorgeously Organized

I even found a Bullet Journal that is part day timer as well! Have a LOOK at this 6 month productivity tracker:

You Got This Bullet Journal

What style of notebook is right for you

Depends on what you want it for or what you want/need to write down. Here’s a list of a few reasons to write and what topics you might want to write about!

  • Gratitude Journal
  • Dream Journal
  • Poetry
  • Sketching
  • Recipes
  • Day to Day Events & Happenings
  • Travel Journal
  • Baby growth journal
  • Business
  • Blog post ideas
  • DIY ideas
  • Ideas in general
  • To – do lists
  • Thoughts & Happenings
  • Workout ideas
  • Activity tracker
  • Gardening
  • Projects

If you can think about it, you can write about it. And as far as style goes, that’s totally your call! Whether it’s a simple scribbler, or you’d like something a bit more fancy, they all do the same thing.

Why keep a journal when you have a smart phone or a laptop?

There is still something about putting pen to paper. There’s a creativity flow that comes with it. Typing my digital work is my end result, but it all starts with a pen and paper.

Besides, when the wifi is down or the power goes out and your battery life is low… what else are you going to write with?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, please check out my other posts as well! Leave a comment and, if you have ideas for future posts, I want to hear about it. Thank you as always for your continued support.

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