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The Hawaii Coffee Company

Once a year I get my dose. And it’s not from me going to Hawaii, it’s a good friend of mine. Every year he goes, and every year I’m lucky enough to receive a bag of Kona Coffee!

Once your taste-buds have been spoiled to the rich flavor of their Kona Coffee, nothing will ever be the same!

Flavored 10% Kona Coffee from Hawaii Coffee Company
Hawaii Coffee Company

Seriously, coffee will have a whole new meaning in your life. Hawaii Coffee Company, that’s where it’s at! And now, even though I will still appreciate every-time my friend brings home a bag of beans straight from the island, I can now increase my stash by ordering their wonderful flavors online!

My favorite flavor you ask? Macadamia Nut!

Either ground or whole bean is perfect. When the opportunity is there for whole beans, I take it! There’s not other smell like freshly ground coffee beans. It’s my vice, every time we open a new bag, I get the honors of first smell LOL!!!

I’m very picky with the way I prepare specialty coffee.

Here’s my procedure;

I boil the water and then grind the beans to just the perfect consistency. Once the kettle start whistling, I place the carefully ground beans into the french press (about three table spoons to a 3 cup French Press)/ I then pour in the boiling water over the freshly ground beans and then put the lid and strainer on top. DO NOT PRESS DOWN YET. Seriously, you gotta let things brew a while. Wrap the french press in a tea towel so it stays nice and warm, yes I am that picky about HOT coffee. Let it sit and soak up all the flavor of the beans…

After, a short but feels like forever, 5 minutes, press down on the strainer, pour a cup and enjoy the heavenly taste of Kona Coffee.

French Press Coffee
French Press Coffee

For those who do not know what a French Press is… it is the mechanism to the right. These babies come in many forms, but the best is a glass body. I find that the plastic bodies (although great for travelling) can take on a plastic flavor in the coffee, and that’s no good!

These are available for purchase at almost any Home Store, check your local shops and see if they have one!

As for the coffee, check out Hawaii Coffee Company. These guys know coffee!

So, I hope I haven’t rambled on too much. This site won’t be all about Coffee, we’ll talk about life here, much like a coffee shop, Yoga Studio or Wine Bar. Take a load off, and enjoy life.

Feel free to stay in touch! Leave a comment if you’ve liked the article, have questions or suggestions for other topics! I love to hear from you, let’s have a cup and chat shall we?





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