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Let’s talk goals.

You have goals, everyone does. So what are yours? And what’s holding you back?

Our days are littered with goals, even if you don’t realize it. Didn’t have that cookie you wanted but didn’t want in the break room? BOOM, goal achieved! It doesn’t matter the size of the goal, they all require determination!

Why have goals?

Yoga goals
Yoga goals

Well, why not? What else are you gonna do? Life is one ginormous goal. From learning to walk, finishing high school, getting that car, or eating healthier, life is stuffed full of goals. So what would your adventures consist of if you had none? It would be quite empty. Heck, I call a day of doing nothing achieving a goal. Who here has any time to do nothing? You’ve got to schedule that kind of a day in these days, therefore, it has become a goal (at least for me anyway).

You can do it.

Anyone can do it. Set a goal, work on achieving it. A goal can be anything, anything at all. Touching your toes or starting a journal, or training for a 5K, or getting a 30 minute walk in every day, NOT having that delicious looking cookie, or starting that blog (that was my goal and here I am writing to you).

Let’s take Yoga goals for an example, that is after all one of the primary topics of this blog.

You see all these perfectly ZEN and bendy Yogi’s out there and you immediately think, there’s no way I can do that. That’s it, you’re done. Go home. Throw in the towel. You’ve just set yourself up for failure. Not cool, get that negative thought out of your head.

Not all who practice Yoga are  are “picture” perfect. We all want to be there, and therefore work our way to that, but we certainly don’t start that way.

YOU are the ONLY ONE standing in the way of achieving your goals, you are your own worst enemy. And why be like that? CHANGE that NO mentality to YES, yes I can. With a little determination and regular practice, YOU CAN DO IT, just start.

Simple right? Remember, what is simple for some, will not be simple for others. So don’t beat yourself up at any part of your goal achieving journey. We all walk our paths in different ways, even if the goal is the same.  How you achieve that goal might be different from the next.

Yoga goals
Yoga goals

It’s all up to you.

Set realistic expectations for yourself, this way you’re not going to let yourself down. To learn, to grow, to work on  achieving those goals, that’s what it’s all about. It’s about the journey and it’s all up to you. Start small, think BIG and you WILL get there. It’s not magic and it will require you going all in. From identifying your goal, to your thought patterns to your execution, to your achievement, you go ALL IN.

Stay positive, be determined, don’t get bummed and compare yourself to all the others. We all start small and work our way forward.

Above all; Don’t let fear stand in the way.

My current goal? To do the splits! I have a ways to go, but I’ll get there! What’s your goal?



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