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Don’t have a gym pass? That’s totally cool, you can bring the workout home! In this post I’d like to go over my 2 favorite back exercises with dumbbells.

2 Go-To Back Exercises with Dumbbells

Using dumbbells for back exercises is a simple and effective method without the need for fancy gym equipment. Read on to learn about my 2 favorite back exercises using dumbbells!

Delt Raise

First I’ll show you how the PRO looks.

Back Exercises with Dumbbells; Delt Raises
(Image courtesy of Shape Magazine)

Now here is what I look like.

Back exercises with dumbbells; delt raises
Me at our home gym (aka the basement)

Why do delt raises?

These have been one of my go-to’s since the beginning of my gym rat career. Delt raises works the deltoid muscle. When this muscle is worked, it will provide you strength and increased shoulder mobility. PLUS, in time, it gives you awesome definition! Hello sexy delts!

Delt Raise How-to

  • Holding a pair of light dumbbells (I use 5 lbs for this exercise) stand with feet shoulder width apart and a slight bend to the knee.
  • Send your hips back (stick out your butt as if you are going to site down) watch your alignment so that you start lowering your torso towards the floor until it is almost parallel to the floor.
  • Start with palms facing inwards and then slowly move your arms outwards. Form is extremely important here! That is why you use lighter weights.
  • Slowly lower arms back down.
  • Tip: Put the energy of the move into your back, not your shoulders.
  • Repeat for 3 sets of 10

Single Arm Dumbbell Rows

Again, here is the pro.

back exercises with dumbbells; single arm row
(Image courtesy of Shape Magazine)

And, here’s what I look like. Note: I am using a chair for stability.

back exercises with dumbbells; single arm row
I prefer to use a bench, but a chair will do
this chair is really old by the way!

Guys, I am not afraid to show our messy basement home gym. Why? Working out doesn’t have to be pretty. What is more important is that you do it! Who cares where!

Why do Single Arm Dumbbell Rows?

Because this little moves packs a punch! With the dumbbell row you target your entire upper back and lats along with the chest!

Single Arm Dumbbell Row How-To

  • Using a bench or a chair, holding a medium weight dumbbell in one hand (I use 8-10 lbs) place the opposite knee up on the bench or chair and keep the other leg straight.
  • Place hand without the dumbbell onto the chair or bench so that your torso is parallel to the floor.
  • Slowly bring the dumbbell down until your arm is straight.
  • Then draw the weight back up bending your elbow at the same time, bring elbow to a 90 degree angle (parallel to your back). Hold a moment and then bring back down.
  • Tip: Focus the energy of the move into your back, not your arm.
  • Switch sides.
  • Repeat for 3 reps of 10 each side.

Step it up a notch!

Check this out! Step it up a notch by doing these in a plank!

add a degree of difficulty in a plank!

Thank you for reading! I do hope you enjoyed these exercises, go ahead and give them a go!

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