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What does your morning routine look like? Do you grab a cup of coffee or water first thing? Do you exercise or do you hop in the shower and head off to work? What does breakfast look like for you, or do you skip it? Let me take you through my weekday yoga morning routine.

Yoga Morning Routine

‘They’ say it is important to drink a glass of water and/or eat in the morning. Some people though, get up only with enough time to get dressed and head out skipping everything! I believe in doing what works for you. In my not so professional opinion though, I strongly believe having a good morning routine will not only benefit your health, it will set you up for a great day! There is science behind this! The science will be A topic for another day. Let’s get into what works for me with my yoga morning routine.

My routine goes something like this. I hit snooze two or three times after the alarm goes off at 6:20, climb into my yoga clothing, get my groggy butt to the kitchen and pour a big glass of water. I drink a little, then take my glass of water to the living room where I unravel my yoga mat. At this point it is 6:45ish and I begin.

Time to Wake Up

Up go my arms and my yoga begins with the inchworm! I do this three times. No, this is not a “yoga move” per-say, but it wakes me up every morning and gets the blood moving. The inchworm move is move is great for your abs and arms! Forward bend and walk your hands slowly into plank. Hold plank or do a push up and walk your hands back up into forward bend. Roll your body up and repeat 3 times.

inchworm exercise photo credit:

From there I do a number of sequences, what ever my body feels like that day. A good one would be to follow the inchworm with a couple of rounds of sun salutation. Below are the variations and sun salutation steps. Knowing this sequence is the backbone to all other yoga flows, so this is a perfect yoga sequence for beginners and a perfect yoga morning routine.

sun-salutation steps
sun-salutation steps. Photo credit:

I love this sun salutation chart. It helps point out where you should be inhaling and exhaling. Most of us forget to breathe as we move through a yoga sequence. Getting the breathing down is super important! Doing these two or three times, slowly and focusing on breath will build strength, balance and is a perfect way to wake up in the morning!

Not sure where to turn to with your yoga routine? Check out Kalimukti. They are online, awesome, and they keep it simple.

20 minutes to a half hour is all I do in the morning for a yoga flow. You don’t need to spend an hour on this! An hour in the morning is difficult for most, so don’t put that pressure on yourself.


You see, I am not exactly a morning person. I need my mornings to be quiet and peaceful. I love my mornings, it is my time for reflection, chill time, and it is important to me to have 20 mins for myself. It is also important for anyone else around me lol!!!

In saying this, it is probably obvious that the next part of my yoga morning routine after a good yoga flow and a big glass of water is, coffee! Paired with my coffee are two slices of peanut butter toast. Not a glamorous or most nutritious breakfast, but it is real. And by real I mean it doesn’t take a load of time to prepare or hear the roar of a blender to make!

Then, I sit. Together with my husband we enjoy our coffee and toast while chilling and watching some TV or read a book and I write in my gratitude journal. Keeping a gratitude journal has become an important part of my morning routine. It helps start my day positively.


After water, yoga, coffee and toast it is time to get ready for work. Keep it simple. I don’t wear make up daily so I shower, dry my hair, get dressed and get to work. We generally head out the door by 8:15ish. PHEW, finished.That’s it. My yoga morning routine in a nutshell. Seems like a short time in the mornings, but writing about it took longer than most posts!

Share your comments below, let me know what your morning routine looks like!

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  1. Great tips to start the day. My day starts with coffee but now I’m thinking I should start with the exercise. Yoga is a great choice and I will follow your instructions. I heard about the sun salutation, but I did not know how to practice it. This post has given me new ideas and I will surely apply these ideas. Thank you for an excellent post.

  2. My morning routine starts off with a cup of coffee. Then I walk the dogs for about mile. I should stretch first Like you suggest. Then I eat a bowl cereal, usually corn flakes. Then I head over to my home office and get to work. I am sure, I would be more productive and feel better all day long. If I implemented some of the yoga instruction, you laid out nicely for me to follow. Great Article. I am surely going to try these techniques tomorrow. I just bookmarked this page as my reference till I get it down. Thank you!

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