With almost a week into the new year, how are you doing with your new year resolutions? Do you have new year resolutions? What are they and have you written them down? Are they fitness, personal or career oriented? Leave me a comment and tell me what your resolutions are! […]

Christmas Sweaters

Christmas Sweaters! Do you love them, or dislike them? Personally, I think they are super cute and add some fun to the season! Each one has its own personality that generally matches the person who chose to wear it… PLUS, it brings a smile to your face! Calling all Christmas […]

Social Media Personalities. Grab a coffee and let’s chat about social media personalities shall we? I read an article recently about FAKE social media personalities. It inspired me to address this topic. Let’s not confuse fake personalities with good personalities or fake lives with positive influence. In this era of […]

McBride British Columbia

Long Weekend How was your Easter long weekend? Hard to believe it’s been a week ago already! We took the time and went for a road trip to the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia with family that we also call great friends. My husband and I are very fortunate, we […]

Teeki Yoga Pants

Sustainable Yoga Apparel Your active lifestyle requires style with a purpose. Imagine; sustainable yoga apparel made form the fibers of recycled water bottles. That’s what Teeki is all about. They are an Eco-conscious active-wear line with a purpose. All of their clothing is fabric spun from the fibers made out […]

Practicing Yoga at Home

Practicing yoga at home. You have an image of what practicing yoga at home looks like, and then there’s the reality! Here’s my reality… Household pets and other disturbances! And it’s all good! Let them be a part of your routine! It’s kind of fun navigating the affection of a […]