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Add a little movement to your day with this YouTube video! This stand up, no mat needed yoga session will get your body moving.

Why did I create Yoga for Crafters and Creators?

From inspiration out of my own time on the mat and the time spent at my jewellery making desk. 

I discovered the 2 are very much connected.

  • As creators we sit in poor posture at our workstations.
  • Sometimes we experience a creative block and might need to try something totally different to unlock our creativity once again.
  • Both yoga and creativity are so good for stress and anxiety management.

Sitting or standing for long periods of time being hunched over our workstations is a recipe for poor posture, aches and pains. Roll out the mat to work it through and add some movement.

Spending some time on the mat focusing on the flow or sitting in meditation can often spark ideas. Keep a journal, notebook or sketchbook close by for when inspiration strikes.

Most crafters and creators dive into projects as a way of managing stress and anxiety or in turn, jobs in those fields can create it. Yoga is another tool in helping manage stress & anxiety.

Coffee Yoga Wine is an online space where yoga and creativity meet.

Yoga and Creativity have come together to create an entire new and free video series on my YouTube channel and are sparking ideas for exciting future events.


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