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Practicing yoga at home.

You have an image of what practicing yoga at home looks like, and then there’s the reality!

Practicing yoga at home
Practicing Yoga at Home; Cat yoga.

Here’s my reality…

Household pets and other disturbances! And it’s all good! Let them be a part of your routine! It’s kind of fun navigating the affection of a dog or a cat through my routine, it breaks it up a bit.

My yoga studio? It’s my living room at the moment. Nothing glamorous about that, but it works. You don’t have to have a professional studio or a designated space for that matter, embrace the disturbances while practicing yoga at home.

You see, sometimes there’s much too much focus on the equipment and spaces. Don’t worry about all that yet. All you need for practicing yoga at home is a yoga mat. A towel will work, however, the grip is better on a mat especially when you’re just starting out. You can work towards your way of other pieces of equipment when you get further along in practice. If you need a strap, grab a scarf! If you need a block, grab a big book (or something else very sturdy). Get creative! You’ll know what you want to invest in when you realize what you’re using the most. If you find yourself using the scarf, invest in a strap. If you find yourself wearing out books, get some yoga blocks.

Enjoy the environment at home.

practicing yoga at home

Going to a yoga class is fantastic! I highly recommend going once in a while to experience new environments and learning from new people. Enjoying your environment at home is just as important, this means enjoying the sights and sounds of your surroundings. An undisturbed practice is good however, if that’s impossible then shake it up and let the dog get some attention, get your kids involved with you and watch TV if you want to. You’re still doing yoga, you’re still making your lifestyle better, just in your own way!

There’s no right or wrong to a home yoga space. It doesn’t need to be fancy, it just needs to work for you. Enjoy it. Embrace it and be happy with what you’ve got for a space, even if this means a bright blue yoga mat in the middle of your 1970’s era living room.


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  1. I have always wanted to start doing yoga. I didn’t even consider doing it at home! This brings me to my first question. Are there yoga DVDs or programs with yoga. I would like to start, and I like the idea of starting at home first. I just don’t know where to begin, except for the fact that I need to purchase a yoga mat.

    1. Hello! I started at home many years ago, and I still practice at home. A yoga mat is helpful, but if all you have is a towel, that is fine as well. I will provide a couple of links for you to check out…
      Here is a link to the Beachbody 3 week yoga retreat:
      Here is a link to Kalimukti:
      Both are great to get started with your home yoga practice, Enjoy!

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