In this post we are covering 2 easy yoga poses. These 2 are great to start with from standing up.

Am I doing this right? I’m sorry you want me to do what now? What is this pose? How the heck do you get into that pose? OUCH, this hurts! Are you for reals? Are you even human? What is a flow and how do I get that? Where do I even start? Ok, I got a mat, now what?

Can you relate to any of the above statements (questions?). If so, you’ve come to the right article!

How do I do Yoga? Am I doing this right?

Sometimes yoga looks like a simple stretch, and sometimes it looks like a full bore workout. Without getting into the technical names and styles let me tell you one thing… either way, you’re doing it right!

There is no right or wrong in yoga (in my opinion as I am sure there are opposing opinions on this). The fact that you’re on the mat is proof that you are in fact, doing it right.

If your new on your journey and don’t know where to start, it can be daunting when you Google yoga poses!

Let’s get you started with 2 wonderful and easy to do yoga poses that you can do to start your routine off all while standing up.

Easy yoga poses; Mountain Pose

Big tip here, engage your quads (thigh muscles) and stand firm, shoulders back. Ground yourself!

easy yoga pose

Mountain Pose

Looks simple. Just stand there. See? You’re doing yoga! Now, let’s break it down to make it effective. Take it up a notch, raise your arms in the air like a tree.

Easy yoga poses; Tree Pose

You can move from mountain pose right into tree pose! How long you hold each of these poses is entirely up to you. Do what feels right for you and your body/patience level. You will build up in time, but give yourself that time!

Easy yoga pose. Tree Pose.

Tree Pose

Again, simply stand on the mat, bring one foot above the ankle and below the knee, never rest on a joint. If you can’t, then simply rest it as you see here. When you’re ready, take it up a notch as seen in the image below.

Boom; you’re now doing yoga

Easy right? See, yoga doesn’t have to be hard. Start with the easy yoga poses. As you progress you’ll find where you’re comfortable and what style you’re comfortable with. Even explore a little! Most of my routines are a combo of styles AND I include fitness moves like squats, lunges, planks etc. Anything to keep a routine fun, interesting and a good workout.

Don’t force a yoga pose

Whatever you do, don’t hurt yourself! If you need to force yourself into a pose, chances are you’re not there yet! Instead, focus on your posture, not on how deep of a stretch or how twisted up you can get. Want to enjoy yourself or hurt yourself?

Catch a class

Always best to catch a class! Teachers are trained to see your abilities and your postures, if you’re looking to start your journey with some help outside of the online world, find a class near you!

Me enjoying a standing side bend

Thank you for reading and keep checking back as we cruise through this journey of life together. Read more! On this blog we chat about it all, beauty, fitness, lifestyle & fun! Coffee, Yoga, Wine, repeat. Catch me on Facebook and Instagram.

Leave me some comments tell me what you liked! If you have suggestions for future topics let me know, have a great day!

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