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Essentials & Props you may want to consider for your home practice.

Looking or searching for yoga equipment or props can get overwhelming especially if you’re brand new to yoga. So what props or equipment do you need for your home yoga practice? Read on to find out!

Brand New to yoga? Then this essentials kit is for you! It’s got everything you need. A yoga mat, strap and block in fun colors to keep you inspired! A perfect kit full of props for your home practice.

yoga for beginners kit essentials for your home yoga space
Yoga for Beginners Kit

Let’s get a little deeper and break down the essentials (plus one more item) that you may want to create your home yoga studio space.

1. Mat

It goes without saying that a yoga mat is the most essential. Pick a mat (like this one) that will keep you inspired and make you want to roll out the mat. Yoga, like anything, is best when practiced consistently, so break through the overwhelming options and get a yoga at that speaks to you.

One word of advice, stick to at least a 6mm thickness mat. They are a bit more gentle on the joints especially if you have hardwood, laminate or vinyl flooring at home.

Yellow Sundial and grey Yoga Mat 6mm from Gaiam
Sundial Yoga Mat

The most versatile yoga prop for your home yoga space is a blanket. Rolled up they act like a bolster or pillow, laid out they keep you warm when laying in Savasana or are in meditation for an extended period of time. When looking up a yoga blanket, you will find ones like this,

Traditional Yoga Blanket
Yoga Blanket

but, a couch blanket will do just fine as well.

Not flexible? That’s totally fine! Being flexible is not a prerequisite to starting a home yoga practice. A yoga strap can certainly help guide you into certain yoga poses more safely. If you are flexible, then a strap can help deepen your practice and explore poses in different ways.

yoga strap in purple for your home yoga space
Yoga Strap

Why do you need a yoga block? To help you reach the floor or balance in certain poses. Often neglected, having a yoga block or 2 in your home yoga space is a must. Trust me, a block will take your practice to a whole new level!

foam yoga block in purple
Yoga Block

That’s it! A mat, a blanket, a strap and a couple of yoga blocks is all you need for your at home yoga studio and your yoga practice.

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Please check out my YouTube Video where I explain all these props for you!


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