Getting back to the mat, that is the focus. I was attempting to follow a Yoga challenge, however, 2 days in and my body let me know where I was at in a hurry!

Side Bend Pose
Enjoying yoga outdoors in Side Bend pose

You see, I am now almost 4 months post injury and my yoga journey back to the mat is proving to be extremely slow! I went into Chaturanga thinking, I got this. And then it happened. Pulled the knee. Just like that, we are back to square 1.

Yoga is an all in activity.

It is amazing how yoga requires your whole body to participate. That’s why I love it so much! And I am missing the mat. 

My body feels it, my mind feels it.

So, back to step one. Basics. Stretching. Strengthening, slowly. Beginner poses. Not that there’s anything wrong with that at all! I tell people all the time, stick to the basics. Now, I have to abide by what I say to beginners. Yoga is, after all, about the journey.

Here goes attempt number 2 of my yoga Journey Back to the Mat! This time, I will be following my own challenge lol!

Follow Along

Follow along on my Facebook Pages @CoffeeYogaWine or @UplinkHealth. I’m not sure why I started 2 pages, but since they are there I will tend to both. Both pages do offer a bit of differences in their content, and both are run by myself and my husband Darren who is also the yoga pose photographer! Between these 2 pages, I will be sharing my yoga journey, post injury, getting back to basics. Follow the #JourneyBackToTheMat and join in on the fun.

I cannot promise they will be daily poses, as it is more about getting back to the mat than pushing my body too far.

Here we go! Are you coming?

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