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This is me, Baukje. I am a REAL person!

Where do I begin? I guess it’s been over 15 years since Yoga and I have become mutual acquaintances you could say.

I love Yoga and I need Yoga. Trust me, without my morning routine, I might not be so great to be around lol! My husband could probably second that thought…

Seriously though, Yoga is what keeps me together. Whether it’s a 15 minute flow or an hour, it all helps keep life balanced.

Personally I think that Yoga has a certain image that one must be able to turn into a pretzel for a practice to be considered Yoga. This is NOT the case at all! It’s a personal journey and you don’t need to be able to stand on your head or turn into a pretzel.

As you dig into your Yoga, you will find that some Yogi’s are naturally born flexible and strong. But most of us are real people so there’s no need to be afraid of it! We all work hard at finding balance through our practice, and that is after all, the purpose of Yoga. To clear your head and focus on the flow to bring peace to mind and body. It’s not about the fancy stuff, although in time you do get to that point.

My advice on Yoga. Just start. Really, that’s it. It can be as simple as laying on the floor (also called Corpse Pose BTW) it IS a Yoga pose! We’ll get into breaking down poses as this blog site continues to grow, but I encourage you to follow this blog and see how a real person does real Yoga.

No, I’m not a teacher (yet) I will be one day. In the mean time, I am just a person enjoying the benefits of Yoga.

Coffee, Yoga, Wine, repeat.


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