Lane Swimming Routine; and equipment!

Let me take you through my lane swimming routine, and the equipment I use! This a routine with swimming lengths only, I will go into different exercises you can incorporate in this routine in another post.

The Swimming Equipment List

First of all, bathing suits! Let’s talk about the importance of investing rather than just buying anything and everything. I won’t go into great detail, but personally I wear the Speedo Endurance suits. Mine is just starting to wear out and it is nearly 10 years old (something similar to this one).

Buying a suit is a very personal experience as the fit differs! The endurance suit has a high leg cut, and some ladies prefer the lower leg cut. And then there is the support factor as well! So take your time when shopping for a suit, or just take my word for it LOL! I love this suit, its a great cut and has enough support.

In the pool, I also use a kick board:

And a pull buoy.

Now, you also cannot forget the swim cap and goggles! Now, with your equipment, let’s jump in the pool!

Warm Up

I always warm up! Competition (or lane) pools have a cooler temperature so a warm up is a good idea. Pick your favorite swim and whip up a few laps! My go-to is Free Style (or front crawl) and I do 10 to 20 x 25 meter lengths.

Let’s up the workout! Grab your kick board!

Legs Only

Legs only using a kick board is a great way to strengthen those legs! Kicking believe it or not is tough and even forgotten about when swimming.

The kick style I mainly use is the flutter kick. I simply pick up the intensity by kicking faster AND by placing the flutter board in front like a plow (resistance) instead of a guide. Only do this when you’ve got a good kick, honestly it is hard plowing through the water!

Why Kick only? Because when we are swimming, it is very common to forget to kick! Pay attention the next time you’re practicing your Free Style. How’s your kick?

Kick from the hips! Try not to bend your knees and point your feet (relax them though!) your feet are your flippers! If you feel inclined, add fins for another kick boost!

You can also try is the butterfly (or belly to butt) (or dolphin kick). This is a groovy move and I personally find it very difficult without fins! So may I suggest using fins for the butterfly kick?!

Arms Only

Grab the pull buoy and place it mid thigh between the legs. Apply firm pressure and get those arms moving! This is an advanced move and not suggested if you have a weak stroke.

Really, the only stroke you can do here is freestyle. Remember to relax your body and your hands. Take long, slower strokes. Really focus on form here and move through the water, don’t fight it! Here is a great article on Free Style Form from Triathlete.

My lane swimming routine:

  • 6 to 10 length warm up for beginner or 20-30 when training for distance, I do Free Style.
  • I either alternate arms & legs only or do 10 lengths kick board front (don’t be lazy here & kick from the hip!)
  • 10 lengths arms only (or alternate legs & arms only)
  • 10 lengths kick board back (Be sure to not bend those knees, use your hips!)
  • cool down with another set of 10 lengths swim.

This is a simple lane swimming routine. In another post we will get into using fins, hand paddles and incorporating some other moves! This routine will just get your heart rate up and give you some guidance in breaking up the monotony that can be lane swimming.

Thank you for reading and enjoy your journey into fitness!

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