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In the spirit of Christmas and celebrating our new platform here at Coffee Yoga Wine, please enjoy the first installment encouraging our creative side!! Today, we are making a DIY beaded Christmas Ornament!!

DIY Beaded Christmas Ornament

Things you will need:

You can get the supplies at your local dollar store or hit the links in the list and you can grab them from Amazon.

How to make the Christmas Ornament

  • Cut the hemp rope or cord to about 12 inches
  • Knot a loop in one side
  • String beads, get creative here!!
  • Tie a knot at the bottom to secure the beads
  • Fray the end to mimic a tastle
The finished ornament
Here is the finished project in my tree!

That’s it! Super easy and fun! Watch the video for a complete lesson on this DIY (pardon the singing).

Watch this short and sweet chair yoga session for before or after OR before and after this project!!

We’ve got a new format around here where we concentrate on yoga for crafters & creators. As creators, we have poor posture from sitting hunched over our work stations and/or sitting/standing for long periods of time. Here we are going to encourage stretching and movement to help spark our creative flow and in turn, lead a healthier lifestyle.

Both yoga and inviting creativity are great ways to reduce stress & anxiety. With our new platform we will encourage weekly projects and yoga flows. Sometimes short, sometimes long, sometimes easy, sometimes a bit more challenging. Whatever inspiration strikes!

I hope you enjoy this new platform and focus. Be sure to sign up for our weekly newsletter to receive your weekly dose of inspiration!


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Take a moment to breathe… Have a wonderful day!!

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