Beautiful Eyelashes; a Mascara Review

I don’t wear mascara (or much make-up in general) for 2 reasons.

1, pure laziness. And 2, mascara makes my eyes itch.

However, I do love to doll up when we go out, or simply fun once in a while. That’s why I was super excited to finally find a mascara that doesn’t make my eyes itch! In fact, it helps nourish the eyelashes… win-win.

Me trying this mascara for the first time while dolling up for a night on the town.

Mascara Review

Because most mascaras tend to flake or clump up when you apply, I wasn’t expecting anything different from this one, it’s why I was (and continue to be) pleasantly surprised.

Plus, one of the biggest reasons I stopped wearing make-up was because of itchy eyes. How can you keep a good eye make-up look when all you want to do is rub them, and most of the time I did ruining the make up. So, I am happy to report finding this one that actually worked, makes me very excited. Now, I find I am wearing make-up a bit more again.

The Curl & Lash Mascara from Nu Skin really doesn’t flake after wearing for a few hours, and it’s not clumpy when applying either. But the best part, no itchy eyes!!

I have super long lashes, so the curl part is a HUGE bonus as it makes my lashes look even longer. And with their make-up remover, it comes off in a jiffy.

My opinion; girls if you have mascara issues, this product is a must try!

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