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Fall, it’s my favorite time of year! Not only for the colors, the winds and the beautiful days but its fashions as well! I am a huge fan of sweater weather!

Wraps, hoodies, sweatshirts and sweaters! It’s time to pull them out of the closet, or add to the closet!

Whether running to the yoga studio, the gym or uptown, these are my top sweater picks from lululemon.

Let’s talk Thumbholes!

One of the best features of a good on the run (literally) long sleeved shirt. When you’re on the move, the feature of thumbholes is a must! Not only is it easier to jet your jacket on, they keep the wind from coming into your sleeves when sporting with gloves!

Outrun the Elements 1/2 zip from lululemon.

Take snowmobiling for example, having skin exposed is bad, so this little feature adds a layer of protection under the glove and under the jacket. Same goes for skiing, snowboarding or simply winter running.

lululemon long sleeve shirt
(sponsored link) hello thumbholes!

And, along with a love for thumbholes, I’m also a big fan of zip ups! Warm up or cool down they are the perfect substitute for those turtleneck sweater fans out there.

On the cooler days in the elements, in the gym or in the studio, it’s nice to have a good long sleeve shirt in the wardrobe.

The stretchy, soft and breathable Rulu™ fabric makes this one of my top picks, and bonus, it has a hidden pocket in the back for your essentials.

lululemon long sleeve shirt
(sponsored link) this hidden pocket is a gem!

Getting cozy with a Hoodie

A good hoodie is a staple in any closet! Getting cozy on those cold days is what it’s all about, and this oversize pullover Hoodie is All Yours!

lululemon pullover hoodie sweater
(sponsored link) All Yours Hoodie

A hoodie is perfect for after your workout, and being over-sized, this hoodie will pullover almost anything making it the perfect sweater weather choice. Not much more needed to say here, it’s a hoodie and they are awesome!

Dressed up Warm

Athleisure. Leisurewear while being dressed up and warm? Yes please! This is my top pick as it has all the features such as the coziness of a hoodie and… the thumbholes! Yet, it’s dressy so it can go beyond the studio.

Fine details sets this sweater apart.

lululemon sweater
(sponsored link) stay dressed up & warm with the Still Lotus Sweater

It’s perfect for the home and office, this cotton blend will keep you warm plus it’s reversible! And, did I mention it has thumbholes?

lululemon sweater
(sponsored link) stay warm & look great!

It’s available in three colors, but there’s something about this soft lilac that makes it perfect.

All Wrapped Up

When a sweater won’t do, layer up! This wrap has all the things… It’s a hoodie, it has thumbholes and a hidden pocket! Plus, it looks good with almost anything.

women's sweater wrap
(sponsored link) keep Calm & Collected

Grab a book, a hot coco and this wrap, you’re got the perfect setting for a cold fall day. Having a hood makes it a little more comfortable & warm.

sweater wrap
(sponsored link) the hood feature is a plus!

And, for on the go, this wrap has a hidden pocket for your essentials.

sweater wrap
(sponsored link) this hidden pocket is fantastic!

Bring on the cooler weather! Your closet is ready to go with these sweater picks to keep you warm.

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