Practicing Yoga at Home

Practicing yoga at home. You have an image of what practicing yoga at home looks like, and then there’s the reality! Here’s my reality… Household pets and other disturbances! And it’s all good! Let them be a part of your routine! It’s kind of fun navigating the affection of a […]

Yoga Challenges

One sure way to stay on track with your new Yoga routine is by taking part in Yoga Challenges! Yoga Challenges They are great to get involved with. I try to continuously be a part of a challenge to keep myself accountable. Even though I have a regular fitness routine, […]

Fitness Lifestyle

Fitness Lifestlye; What’s your definition? There are so many variables on what fitness is and everyone’s definition is different. Mine is living well and having fun. To me, fitness is a lifestyle, not just a moment of sweat. I believe that if it’s just a moment of sweat, we forget […]

Yoga Clothing

Let’s talk goals. You have goals, everyone does. So what are yours? And what’s holding you back? Our days are littered with goals, even if you don’t realize it. Didn’t have that cookie you wanted but didn’t want in the break room? BOOM, goal achieved! It doesn’t matter the size […]


The Hawaii Coffee Company Once a year I get my dose. And it’s not from me going to Hawaii, it’s a good friend of mine. Every year he goes, and every year I’m lucky enough to receive a bag of Kona Coffee! Once your taste-buds have been spoiled to the […]