Yoga Equipment; 4 essential items for your yoga practice

A quick & short post with direct links to what you need to start creating your yoga space and the equipment you will need to help your practice. Here’s the list of the essentials for your at-home studio.

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Yoga Essentials

Here’s the list of items you should have in your home yoga space:

  1. A Yoga Mat
  2. Blocks (2 is best)
  3. A Strap
  4. A Blanket

That’s it! 4 simple pieces of equipment that are essential for your yoga practice!

Gaiam Yoga

Just starting out?? Check out this beginners kit (that’s not just for beginners).

A Yoga Mat

There are many! Oh so many styles to choose from, and colors and patterns! Get one that you gravitate you and will encourage you to get on the mat!! I choose to use a simple and thin mat, but you may want something more. It’s all about your style and what will get you on that mat!


Yes, this is a must have item!! Guys, I’ve been practicing yoga for 20 years and JUST started using blocks. Wish I would have used them sooner! They take your practice to a whole new level.

A Strap

A towel, scarf or tie will work as well! Again, an essential tool to elevate your practice and help take the frustration off when wanting to hold or deepen a pose.

A blanket? Why?

A blanket is the most versatile piece of yoga equipment! Plus, it helps keep you warm in Savasana at the end of your practice 😉

In a later post I’ll show you how to use each of these items. The most important thing to remember when creating your yoga space is to have some fun with it!! Get funky colors or prints so that you look forward to rolling out the mat, love your space. The time on the mat is for you, make it so you want to be there 🙂

Take the pressure off

Enjoy your yoga journey. Yoga is all about connecting, moving and just being in the now and not so much about the perfect pose. Having the essentials will help you enjoy a deeper, more connected yoga practice and create consistent mat time which is what is needed to help you grow.

Want to see more yoga equipment?

Don’t get overwhelmed, stick to the basics at first. Yoga mat, blocks, strap and a blanket. The rest will come through time as you grow into your unique practice.

If you want to see what is out there; check out their full yoga collection by clicking the link below;

Gaiam Yoga

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