Love going barefoot but afraid of stepping on something you shouldn’t? Enter the next best thing! From the water to the trails, xero shoes has it all y’all! Finally a shoe that travels light AND protects the feet. Who is Xero Shoes? They are a husband and wife team on […]

Smoothies! Who doesn’t love them? Read on for a really simple fruit smoothie recipe. Let’s break down the ingredients first, then we will get into the recipe. Why Smoothies Why people love them? Because you can pack a TON of nutrition into a glass (when you use the right mix). […]

With almost a week into the new year, how are you doing with your new year resolutions? Do you have new year resolutions? What are they and have you written them down? Are they fitness, personal or career oriented? Leave me a comment and tell me what your resolutions are! […]

Let me take you through my lane swimming routine, and the equipment I use! This a routine with swimming lengths only, I will go into different exercises you can incorporate in this routine in another post. The Swimming Equipment List First of all, bathing suits! Let’s talk about the importance […]

I started my fitness addiction in the gym… many, many years ago! And now, I have a home gym! For the rest I work out either on the mat or in the pool. You see, I like diversity when it comes to fitness. The “plateau” can be busted through time […]

Delt Raises

Don’t have a gym pass? That’s totally cool, you can bring the workout home! In this post I’d like to go over my 2 favorite back exercises with dumbbells. 2 Go-To Back Exercises with Dumbbells Using dumbbells for back exercises is a simple and effective method without the need for […]

Journaling. Have you ever though about starting a journal? Do you keep a journal? Leave me some comments as to what you use a journal for! In the mean time, let’s go over a few styles of journals and what they might be used for. I’ll even share what I […]