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2022 went by in a flash! Anyone else feel that way?

We are a mere few days away from 2023, and what has 2022 been like? Personally, it’s been a struggle.

I fell of the health and wellness bandwagon for the first time since my early 20’s (I am 41 in case you’re wondering.). I let go of everything that has served me well the last 20 years for some reason.

The struggle to stay happy, to stay energized, to stay motivated, to be present was real. I stopped practicing yoga. I stopped meditating. I stopped swimming. I stopped walking. And worst of all, I stopped eating well.

I stopped it all. And have no idea why. And now, it’s December 29th and I am feeling all the stopping. I am drained, depressed, a few pounds heavier and always feeling lethargic & sick.

The feeling of swimming up a rapid stricken river is about the best way to describe 2022. Tired and barely staying afloat.

So, what are we going to about it?

We are going to GET UP! Because we know how. We have all the tools needed and merely have to choose to use them.

We are going to RISE our way into 2023. Not for anyone but OURSELVES.

We are going to check it. Put all that negativity aside. Pull up our yoga pants and roll out that mat whether we feel like it or not.

2023 loading…

Want to come with me on this journey?

My promise to you… and this is how I will keep myself accountable… is to journal the journey into getting well again, no matter how hard it gets. Let’s do this thing! 2023 is loading… let’s make it a good one.


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